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On November 18 – 19, AGENDA organized a workshop for DPO partners on designing talking points for ASEAN officials. AGENDA DPO partners from 8 ASEAN member state countries participated in the virtual workshop, which were facilitated by IFES I inclusion Specialist, Rebecca Aaberg, ADF Chairman, Lim Puay Tiak and AGENDA Disability Rights Advisor, Tolhas Damanik.   At the virtual workshop through discussion forums at the main and breakout rooms, participants learned various skills such as identifying strategic advocacy opportunities, build advocacy allies, research on ASEAN officials, investigating priorities and interests of ASEAN officials/ASMBs, effective set of talking points for ASEAN officials, and using talking points in meetings. Workshop participants also gain valuable knowledge to create an effective set of talking points for ASEAN officials from DrSeree Nonthasoot, former Representative of Thailand to the AICHR (2013-2018) which gave presentation on the effective talking points with ASEAN officials on the second-day of the virtual workshop.